Bucket list project!!

25 things:

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   My boyfriend gets here on the 20th and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s almost been three months since I’ve seen him. Although we FaceTime everyday, I can’t wait to give him a big hug. So, I’m really stressed out, planning things for us to do. I am planning a movie and dinner date (I love classic dates), a baseball game, a camping trip, a family BBQ (for grad as well) and some other things. If anyone has any ideas of things to do in Winnipeg, let me know!! 


(28) my auto correct mistake 


I just thought this was funny. It’s a conversation with my aunt (I’m the grey boxes). I was asking for the time of Aidan’s (view previous personal addition for details) cadets thing, and everything went to hell. Luckily, my aunt is a good sport about my clumsy typing. 

(27) Aidan 


This is my little cousin Aidan and he’s in cadets. This weekend I went to see him play his snare. He’s in a huge band and they were INCREDIBLE. He was flipping his drum sticks around, totally on beat, it was insane because he only started in September. I’m happy to be living in the same city as him now cause I’ll be able to attend more of his recitals. 

(26) my new senior shirt 


I’m a new student here at Sturgeon so unfortunately I wasn’t here last year to order my senior shirt. I was kinda upset because there are days that I can’t participate in where every senior wears their shirt. Luckily I have an amazing friend, Nicole, who spent time making me a homemade version. I love her!

Author’s note 

My bucket list mainly consists of attending events, doing things with animals, traveling, and doing scary adventurous things. I hope to attend a bunch of events so I can be a part of the action. I love animals and I hope to spend a lot of time with them throughout the duration of my life. I also hope to travel a lot so I can have a bunch of different adventures. Also, I hope to live by Lulu lemon’s quote ‘do something once a day that scares you’, so hopefully I’ll have lots of scary adventures. I think this list will continue to grow as I get older and I am optimistic that lots will be crossed off. Can’t wait! 

My Bucket List 

Bucket list:
1. Name a star

2. Pay for someone in a drive thru

3. Sleep overnight in a castle in Wales 

4. Donate an organ

5 leave a huge tip

6. Own a business

7. Take a day to get to know strangers 

8. Compete in a triathlon

9. Adopt a pet

10. Ride a donkey down the Grand Canyon

11. Sleep under the stars on a beach

12. Go on a last minute unplanned trip

13. Go on a road trip in a hippy van

14. Date a rich person

15. Master 5 accents

16. take classes on how to cook healthily

17. Make a difference in someone’s life 

18. Participate in Booty Shake Monday

19. Meet the Queen 

20. Go to the moon

21. Climb a mountain

22. Abseil down a waterfall

23. Walk on hot coals

24. Have a zorb war

25. Bath an elephant

26. Hold a monkey

27. Horse back ride on a tropical beach

28. Milk a cow

29. Release baby turtles into the ocean

30. Help someone give birth

31. Sleep in an igloo

32. Walk on a black sand beach

33. Attend a masquerade in a red dress

34. Attend a foam party

35: witness the first viewing of a film

36: attend a wedding I a different country 

37: be an extra in a movie 

38: be on the cover of a magazine

39: design my own house

40: get hypnotized

41: attend a burlesque show

42: attend a pow wow

43: go to a pain party

44: be in a flash mob

45: be a VIP at a concert

46: see Ed Sheeran Live 

47: meet Ellen and see a show live

48: ride a mechanical bull

49: see a TED talk live

50: throw beads at Mardi Gras

51: get a makeup lesson

52: try pole dancing 

53: have a professional photoshoot

54: design a piece of clothing or a perfume 

55: be a self made millionaire 

56: learn a song on the piano

57: attend a tea party 

58: learn a bartending trick

59: flip a house

60: join a book club

61: take up yoga 

Yin and Yang: Jodi and Mackie

                                                           Yin and Yang

The seat belt sign flashed and the oxygen masks fell as the commotion rose in the cabin of the plane.  Everyone’s ears rang among the panic, so nobody heard the captain announce an uncontrolled descent. There was screaming, sobbing, and total chaos, even Molly’s husband was out of control. However, Molly and the tough looking stranger sitting across  from her, stayed in their seats and watched the plane spiral down. Nobody knew, or cared, if they were calm out of shock or indifference, but staying calm was the only thing that saved both of their lives.

The scenery after the nose dive crash, was that of a horror film. Bodies lay motionless under sheets of debris, blanketed in blood. The plane mowed threw a few yards into the tropical foliage, creating a clear path leading to where it laid in shambles.  Suddenly Mary awakened, her ears ringing as her thoughts flooded back into consciousness. She moved a hand over her swollen stomach, making sure her baby had survived the crash. There was no other movement until she saw the gruff stranger, Brad, who was sitting across from her on the plane, emerging slowly from the forest. He was cradling his left arm and with shallow deep breathes he gingerly walked toward the sandy beach. He looked as though he recently risen from the dead as his ripped clothes dragged on the ground behind him, ink decorating his biceps, and dark, oily grease coated his face and his scruffy beard. Molly rose to her feet, shocked, horrified and unable to process what had just happened.

With all the strength he had, he was able to work out a couple sentences, gasping threw his first few words, he rasped out, “Name’s Brad. Make yourself useful and help a man out, instead of staring like a lost dog, god… lady.” Brads voice turned from a whisper to an aggressive order as his smokers lungs vibrated back to normal.

All of a sudden, a high-pitched wail escaped Molly’s mouth, followed by some gasping sobs as she laid eyes on his dangling arm. Brad put his eyes to the clear blue sky where the sun shone bright. He was flooded with anger.  He did what had to be done, as he popped his shoulder back into place himself, silencing Molly’s wails with the popping sound.

“Well, this is just great isn’t it?”  He complained, “here I am in the middle of nowhere with some pregnant lady having a panic attack, surrounded by death,” he exclaimed. He let out a sour chain of horrible profanity.

“Excuse you sir! That kind of language is totally offensive, along with your pessimistic attitude, for the love of god and all that is holy,” she pronounced boldly.

Brad turned and booted over an un-distinguishable plane part out of frustration. Molly continued to add to his frustration by suggesting that they begin burying the bodies.

“No way!” he yelled angrily, “we need to start a fire, get some food and get the f**k out of this s*** hole.”

“We need to respect all the innocent lives that were taken here today, god bless their poor souls,” she said with a dry sob.

“God, I don’t have time for you right now, every man for himself,” he said, “You can have this beach with all your disgusting and useless corpses. I’m going to focus on my own survival!” With that, he got up and left her standing covered in grease on the sand.

The sun slowly descended into colors of red and orange. Tropical birds chirped and the salty ocean filled Molly’s nose. The sun felt hot from the afternoon heat, this is what should have been a peaceful location, but pieces of the burned broken plane were scattered on the beach surrounded by lifeless bodies and broken luggage. Molly began organizing the wreckage but the chaos was far from being orderly. 

Her stomach began to rumble and her eyes fell droopy. Her body was exhausted but she could not sleep. Finally, what she had been avoiding all day was catching up to her: her husband was dead. The father of her unborn child, the man her parents choose for her to marry, was gone forever. She was useless at the art of survival and would likely been soon to follow him. She sat down on the no longer warm sand and  with her head in her hands, she began to cry. This time, they weren’t sobs of panic or horror, they were sobs of sadness. She instantly regretted pushing the only other living human on the island away.

All of a sudden, she heard a thud as a pile of wood fell beside her. Brad knelt beside it and started a fire in a matter of minutes.

“Look what I found” he said as he started building a rack on which he would cook the birds that dangled from his belt loops. Molly was still upset at his previous rudeness and didn’t want to give in, but had to break the silence because she was starving.

“Well you made progress,” she said raising her eyebrows.

“Well you did not,” he said with a sarcastic smirk, looking around at the mess that scattered the sand.

They sat in silence for a moment watching the birds cook over the crackling fire.

“You think there looking for us?” Molly suddenly asked. Brad didn’t answer, he didn’t know.

“Come on, you seem to know all the answers: you can cook, you can make a fire, you can fix a dislocated shoulder, and you can apparently hunt. Tell me, who are you?”

He was reluctant to give a civil answer but he decided it would be for the best, “I am a coast guard, Brad. I know the basics of survival and I am no one else,” he said with a shrug. Molly was once again unsatisfied.

“What do you like to do Brad?” she asked ignoring his sharp edge.

“Drink mainly.  Speaking of which, did you find any beer in this mess?”

Molly snorted and rolled her eyes. Brad scanned his eyes over her modest and refined clothing that was once bright white, and freshly ironed.

Brad spoke again, “Let me guess you are still trying to make your parents proud, not the type to stray from tradition or live on the edge, this must be a shock for you.”

“You think you’ve got me all figured out,” molly scuffed.

“Not totally,” brad said, “Tell me about the man sitting next to you on the plane.”

Molly sighed “He was my husband, my parents arranged our marriage last summer.  I guess they thought we would be a good match.”

“Did you love him?” he asked.

“He was a great Christian,” she said evasively.

“Did you love him?” he persisted.

 There was a long pause. All of a sudden Molly felt a jolt in her stomach and was glad for the distraction from Brad’s intense eyes. She ran a hand over where she felt the kick.

“Have you ever wanted a family?” she asked, avoiding his previous question.

“Yeah,” he replied, “but a child wouldn’t fit well into my lifestyle.”

“Change your lifestyle,” she retorted.

“I want to, but I can’t, especially now that I’m stuck here forever,” he said. This comment brought them both back to the reality of the setting. Molly and Brad dozed off from exhaustion as the fire sizzled out.

In the morning, they worked together to turn their old coals into a giant roaring fire in hopes of escaping the island. It seemed like things were orderly for the first time since the crash. Brad had a huge smirk on his face when he returned to the beach with more wood, where molly was working.

“What’s so funny?”  She questioned.

“We are so typical,” he began. “The church lady and the raging alcoholic. The most unlikely pair, forced to find balance between our differences.”

Molly laughed and added “you know what’s funny—“all of a sudden she was interrupted by a slipping pain, she then doubled over onto the hot sand. Brad was taken off guard.

“It’s coming!” she wailed.

Brad finally understood that Molly was going into labor.

“Convenient timing,” he said sarcastically. Brad was clueless and was even more stressed than Molly. Molly fell to the ground, Brad then knew what he needed to do…

Suddenly an angel appeared in the sky, only this angel was big and black and flying towards them. The sound of the propellers whizzed and chopped in their ears almost as if the helicopter had a thudding heartbeat. It cut through the air and blew their hair. They were saved. After the helicopter’s descent, Molly was scooped into it, where she then gave birth to her two twin beautiful girls.  Brad was by her side the whole time, worried sick. It was the first time he could remember caring so much for another human being.  When all the commotion was over, the helicopter flew silently taking them home.

“Any idea on names?” Molly asked gently

Brad laughed “Yin and Yang, like you and me, total opposites.”

 Although he said it a joke, Molly was thrilled to have a non-traditional spin too their names, perhaps as a reflection of how she would lead the rest of her life. And as Brad, Molly, Yin and Yang flew off into the bright blue sky, Brad reached for Molly’s hand, holding it tight.


Setting:  green

Message: Red

Solid ending:


Dialogue: pink

VASKING: beige/ light pink

Title: bold

(25)my love for goats


This is kind of a dumb post but I just really love goats. They are so cuddly and fury and nice. I’ve loved them all my life, as you can see in the pictures above. And maybe when I’m older I’ll have a goat farm haha!